General Norfolk & Western Info


The Norfolk & Western Railway completed an inventory and appraisal of equipment owned by the railroad. The report, as of October 1, 1896, was issued on December 23, 1896. The report shows the date built, the builder, class, type, cost when new, the age of the equipment as of October 1, 1896, and the depreciated value.

Family Tree

This is a graphical view of the “family tree” of the Norfolk & Western Railway with predecessor roads and the links to the N&W.


The Office of the Comptroller sent to N&W President L. E. Johnson a list of "Officers and Employes Receiving $2,000.00 Per Annum, and Over, as of October 1st, 1916" and a list of "Employes and Agents receiving $1,500.00 and under $2,000.00 Per Annum, as of October 1st,1916. The reports can be viewed and searched in various ways.

Tie Plant

The Norfolk & Western built an extensive facility in Radford to pressure-treat lumber to be used as ties, bridge timbers, etc.


In 1887, the Norfolk & Western Railroad consisted of two divisions of 214 miles each, divided at Lynchburg. President F. J. Kimball made a number of recommendations due to the growth of the railroad, including dividing it into five division. This is his report to the Executive Committee of the Board.