1916 List of Employees

The Office of the Comptroller sent to N&W President L. E. Johnson a list of "Officers and Employes Receiving $2,000.00 Per Annum, and Over, as of October 1st, 1916" and a list of "Employes and Agents receiving $1,500.00 and under $2,000.00 Per Annum, as of October 1st,1916. The reports were dated Oct. 11th, 1916 and were approved by Jos. W. Coxe, Comptroller.

The reports list employees who worked in the headquarters in Roanoke and employees from one end of the system in Norfolk to the other end in Ohio. There are also employees who represented the railroad in other cities, too.

The entire 11-page report is available as a PDF.

The pages were converted from the original JPG scans to PDF and OCR output. The results were cleaned up, formatted, and loaded into a database. The list can be viewed in various ways via the selections below.

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