North Carolina Branch Track Charts

As of August 5, 1927, revised January 1, 1958.

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Cover page (larger image, 4 MB)

P-1 to P-10, Dora to Hiwassee (larger image, 1.2 MB)

P-10 to P-21, Hiwassee to Bertha (larger image, 3.8 MB)

P-19 to P-25, Lone Ash to Foster Falls (larger image, 1.6 MB)

P-25 to P-26, Jackson Ferry to Buck (larger image, 3.3 MB)

P-34 to P-44, Buck to Gambetta (larger image, 3.1 MB)

P-45 to P-50, Chestnut Yard to Cliffview (larger image, 1.5 MB)

P-50 to P-52, Cliffview to Galax (larger image, 1.6 MB)

P-40 to P-45, Fries Jct. to Fries (larger image, 2.5 MB)

P-32 to P-41, Speedwell Extension, Ivanhoe to Will (larger image, 3.4 MB)

P-41 to P-47, Speedwell Extension, Cripple Creek to Speedwell (larger image, 1.9 MB)

P-47 to End, Speedwell reserved right of way (larger image, 2.0 MB)

Allisonia Branch (larger image, 856 KB)

Reed Island Branch (larger image, 3.2 MB)

Reed Island Branch, Periwinkle Spur (larger image, 3.2 MB)

Hematite Branch, Indian Camp Branch (larger image, 1.6 MB)

Norma Branch, Gossan Mine Spur, Spur to Big Bumbarger Mines (larger image, 2.3 MB)