Potts Valley Branch

Big Stony Railway Company minute book, pg. 81

Sept. 3, 1907
Special Board Meeting

Agreement dated Nov. 6, 1906 between the Company and the Tidewater Railway Company, “it was provided that the Tidewater Company should be permitted to build and maintain a grade crossing over the railway of this Company at a point in Giles County, Virginia, on the north side of New River as therein set forth;

AND WHEREAS, The said agreement provided further for a change in the location of the line of this Company and for mutual conveyances between this Company and the Tidewater Company of the portions of their respective rights of way, in order to provide for the relocation aforesaid.

AND WHEREAS, The said Tidewater Railway Company has since been merged or consolidated with the Deepwater Railway Company of West Virginia, under the name of the Virginian Railway Company;

RESOLVED that the action of the President of the Company in executing and acknowledging the agreement is ratified and confirmed.”

The change in location of line near the New River is required between Mile Posts 0-38/100 and 1-44/100, shown on Map A-391 prepared by Chief Engineer dated August 21, 1907.

Revised Location -- near the north end of the bridge over New River at Mile Post 0.38 -- about 427 feet -- crossing the Virginian Railway to the north side -- to Mile Post 1.30 -- then curving to the right to the former center line at Mile Post 1.44.

Property exchange -- from Big Stony to VGN -- shown in Giles County Deed Book Y, Pg. 453 etc. when granted to Big Stony Aug. 21, 1896.

From VGN to Big Stony -- Parcel 1 -- to VGN (Tidewater) by J. Milton Snidow Oct. 7, 1904 -- Parcel 2 & 3 to VGN (Tidewater) Snidow, Sept. 18, 1906

New York Security and Trust Company -- trustee for Big Stony Railway land, Deed Book S, Pg. 248.

Big Stony Railway Company minute book, pg. 99

April 3, 1908
Special Board Meeting

Resolution adopted “RESOLVED, that the President be and he is hereby authorized to expend the sum of $7,200 for the construction of a gravity water supply station near the mouth of Big Stony Creek, M.P. 1.33 of Big Stony Railway, for the joint use of the Big Stony Railway Company and the Virginian Railway Company under Chief Engineer's Requisition No. 4674.”

Big Stony Railway Company minute book, pg. 223

December 27, 1916
Special Board Meeting

The stockholders consent to dissolve the Company

Company by deed of conveyance dated Dec. 9, 1910, and on Jan. 5, 1911, recorded in Giles Co., Va. DB 30, Pg. 220; on Jan 10, 1911 recorded in Alleghany Co., Va. DB 39, Pg. 397; on Jan. 23, 1911, recorded in Craig Co., Va. DB O Pg. 282 to 289; on Feb. 4, 1911 recorded in Monroe Co., WVa. DB 44 Pg. 224, sold and conveyed all its railroad, property and franchises to Norfolk & Western Railway Co.

Board agrees with stockholders to dissolve company.

Big Stony Railway Extension

Mileage Statement
July 29, 1909

Miles from
Miles from
Junction of Big Stony Railway0.00324.27
Big Stony Station0.05324.32
Siding - Lower Switch Point0.07324.34
Siding - Upper Switch Point0.24324.51
Crossing Virginian Railway0.44324.71
Connection with Virginian Ry. P.S.0.46324.73
Water Tank (Joint Use with Virginian Ry.)1.33325.60
Snidows Mill (Platform)1.67325.94