Norfolk & Western Shenandoah Division

The Shenandoah Division of the Norfolk & Western Railway covers the lines between Hagerstown, Maryland, Roanoke, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Headquarters of the division was in Roanoke. This division has always been an importatant link between the Northeast and the South and played host to many through passenger cars plying the rails between Philadelphia and New York and points South.

The “Hagerstown District” starts in Hagerstown, Maryland, where there is an interchange with CSX (former Western Maryland). There was an interchange with Conrail (former Pennsylvania) to the north to Harrisburg, Pa., with the line now a continuation of Norfolk Southern after the acquistion of Conrail. The district runs south to Shenandoah, Virginia, where the “Roanoke District” starts and runs to Roanoke. Just before reaching Roanoke, the only branch, the “Cloverdale Branch,” runs to the west almost 9 miles to serve the Lone Star Cement plant. The “Winston-Salem District.” runs from Roanoke to Winston-Salem. The section of this division between Roanoke and Martinsville is known as the “Punkin’ Vine” because of the twists and turns it takes as it drops from the Roanoke Valley in the Blue Ridge Mountains to the piedmont of southern Virginia and northern North Carolina.

Hagerstown to Roanoke
Hagerstown District [Southward]
Mile Post (H)StationSidings
0.0 0.0Hagerstown
0.6 0.6Hager (start N&W)
2.1 2.1VardoShomo Yard
16.4 16.5Shepherdstown6057'
22.2 22.5Shenandoah Jct (B&O interchange)7882'
27.5 28.4Charles Town (B&O crossing)
32.9 33.7Rippon6075'
39.1 40.0Berryville5774'
45.9Boyce TSA
48.3 49.2White Post
52.3 53.1Ashby6057'
58.2 59.0Riverton (Southern crossing)
59.7 60.5Front Royal6561'
72.0 72.9Bentonville6057'
81.5 82.4Vaughn6012'
87.9 88.8Luray5507'
94.6 95.5Stanley5781'

Information is from the June 11, 1978 “Shenandoah Division” employee timetable

The ruling grade from Hagerstown to Shenandoah is between MP H-81.5 and MP H-82.3, with sections of grade of 1.6%, 1.8%, and a short stretch of 2.0%. The ruling grade from Shenandoah to Hagerstown is between MP H-99.7 and MP H-100.5, with a section of grade of 1.45% and a section of 1.5%. (January 1, 1981 track charts.)

Hagerstown to Roanoke
Roanoke District [Southward]
Mile Post (H)StationSidings
Miles from
Mile PostStationSiding
111.5112.5Elkton (Chesapeake Western interchange)5200'
130.5Grottoes TSA
141.9143.0Waynesboro (C&O interchange)5383'
151.9153.0Stuarts Draft5842'
183.9185.0Buena Vista
185.5186.5Loch Laird (C&O interchange*)8061'
194.0195.1Glasgow (C&O interchange*)5563'
197.5198.6Natural Bridge
234.9Hollins TSA
236.7237.8North Roanoke
238.1239.2Randolph Street Tower
238.7 Park Street
239.5 West Roanoke
* C&O Railway has trackage rights between Glasgow (Balcony Falls on the C&O) and Loch Laird to reach the [now defunct] branch to Lexington. The N&W has trackage rights on the C&O between Glasgow and Lynchburg.

Information is from the June 11, 1978 “Shenandoah Division” employee timetable

The ruling grade from Shenandoah to Roanoke is between MP H-221.5 and MP H-224.8, with a grade of 1.5%. The ruling grade from Roanoke to Shenandoah is between MP H-162.6 and MP H-163.5, with a grade of 1.5%. (January 1, 1981 track charts.)

Roanoke to Winston-Salem
Winston-Salem District [Southward]
Mile Post (R)StationSidings
1.4 West RoanokeYard
0 Randolph St Tower
1.0 JK
2.3 7.2Belt Line Jct.
10.9Starkey TSA
6.9 11.8Starkey2638'*
15.4 20.4Boones Mill3143'*
20.6 25.6Wirtz8800'
27.0 32.0Rocky Mount3271'*
36.7 41.6Ferrum
43.7 48.7Henry3845'*
52.3Philpott TSA
49.0 54.0Philpott9209'
50.5 55.5Jondee4575'*
51.6 56.6Bassett
56.6 61.6Payne
58.3 63.3Fieldale
61.6 66.5Martinsville
66.2 71.2Fontaine3693'*
71.5 76.5Ridgeway
76.1 81.1Price
81.5 86.5Stoneville9900'
87.0Stoneville TSA
87.6 92.6Mayodan
89.5 94.6Madison
97.9103.6Pine Hall
99.8105.5Belews Creek Jct
103.8108.8Walnut Cove
(Southern crossing)
118.9123.9North WinstonYard
121.3126.3Winston-Salem (Old Yard)
(Southern crossing)
* Storage tracks

Information is from the June 11, 1978 “Shenandoah Division” employee timetable

Cloverdale Branch

4.42Garland Orchards
8.88Lone Star (Lone Star Cement)