(This is from the November, 1905, edition of the Manufacturers' Record, Vol. LII, No. , pg. .)

New Coal Route Idea.

Probable Connection of the Norfolk & Western and the Coast Line.

Considerable interest has lately been manifested in the report that a railroad will be built to connect the Atlantic Coast Line and the Norfolk & Western Railway, thus giving a through route from the Virginia coal fields to the sea at some point south of Cape Hatteras. Concerning this subject a correspondent of the MANUFACTURERS' RECORD, writing from Greenville, S. C., after remarking upon the extensive work of the Southern Railway there in building large yards, a new passenger station and preparing to enlarge its freight warehouses, says that the Charleston & Western Carolina Railway, which is controlled by the Atlantic Coast Line, has purchased three entire blocks of land in the very center of Greenville, and it is surmised that it is intended to extend the line from Greenville over the mountains to connect with the Norfolk & Western railway for the purpose of making a new coal route to tidewater. Nothing official has, however, been disclosed about the plans at Greenville.

The recent incorporation of the North Carolina Connecting Railway to build a road from Spring Hope, N. C., the terminus of the branch of the Atlantic Coast Line, to Roxboro, N. C., on the Norfolk & WesLern Railway, about 90 miles, appears to be good evidence of an intention to provide for a coal line in another section. A report from Henderson, N. C., says that Col. William H. Hood of that place originated this plan about two years ago, and within the past year has interested the gentlemen whose names appear with his as incorporators of the project, including R. H. Hood of Henderson. These have been elected officers of the company as follows: President, T. F. Whittelsey, Mobile, Ala.; first vice-president, D. J. Nysewander, Toledo, Ohio; second vice-president, D. W. Gunn, Roanoke, La.; secretary and auditor, S. P. Douglas, Toledo, Ohio; treasurer, R. H. Hood, Henderson, N. C. Mr. Whittelsey is at present general manager of the Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City Railway Co., and it is said built the belt line around The city of Toledo, Ohio. Mr. Douglas will, it is reported, take charge of the affairs of the company, and will soon move to Henderson. Surveys are to be made immediately and rights of way secured.

It has been suggested that this scheme may be to use the Atlantic & North Caroline Railroad as part of a route to make a big coaling station at Beaufort, N. C., or some point in that vicinity.