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Historical Articles

Dispatches from Southwest Virginia

In June of 1855, the Daily Dispatch, a Richmond newspaper, carried a series of stories about a trip to Southwest Virginia. Seventeen members of the Richmond Board of Trade were invited by the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad to travel along the rail line to both view the railroad and to see the country that it passed through. The series of articles chronicles their trip.

A Variety of News Articles

These are random articles found in the online newspaper archives of the Library of Virginia, the Virginia Chronicle project, while searching for other topics.

Mining of Zinc, Lead, Iron, and Coal in Virginia

Article from the January 6, 1906, issue of The Engineering And Mining Journal that lists a variety of mines and furnaces in operation across the state.

The Tunnel At Lynchburg

Article from the Richmond Enquirer, Volume 47, Number 95, 28 March 1851, pg 4, about the tunnel in Lynchburg along Blackwater Creek and the extension of the railroad to the southwest, with mention of reaching the Greenbriar River.

"New Coal Route Idea"

Article from the November, 1905, edition of the Manufacturers' Record about "Probable Connection of the Norfolk & Western and the Coast Line."

"Coal To Charleston"

Article from the October 26, 1905, edition of the Manufacturers' Record about "Possibility That the Norfolk & Western Will Be Interested in a Line."

"Pocahontas-Flat Top Coal Field"

Article from the July 25, 1907, edition of the Manufacturers' Record.

A Center of West Virginia Coal Development"

Article from the August 22, 1907, edition of the Manufacturers' Record.

Ninety-Ton High Side Gondola Car.

Developed on the Norfolk &. Western and With Specially Designed Six-Wheel Equalized Equipped Trucks.

Article from Railway Age Gazette, Vol. 54, No. 25, June 20, 1913, pp. 14-19.)