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Norfolk & Western Norfolk Division

The Norfolk Division of the Norfolk & Western Railway covers the lines between Norfolk and Roanoke. Headquarters of the division is in Crewe. The three districts on the divison are the "Norfolk District," the "Blue Ridge District," and the "Altavista District." The Norfolk District covers the N&W main line between Norfolk and Crewe. The district includes the original main line through Petersburg and the City Point Branch, where the modern N&W got its start. The Blue Ridge District covers the N&W main line from Crewe to Roanoke, crossing the Blue Ridge in the process. The line bypasses Farmville and skirts Lynchburg before reaching Roanoke. Kinney Yard in Lynchburg is adjacent to Montview Yard on the Southern Rwy. main line and is an important interchange point. The Durham Line into North Carolina branches from the main line in Lynchburg. The Altavista District covers the remains of the Virginian Rwy. main line between Norfolk and Roanoke. Little remains of the VGN between Norfolk and the current start of the track at Abilene, south of Farmville. Loaded coal trains use this line to move from Roanoke east, avoiding the climb over the Blue Ridge on the N&W, then join the N&W on the Farmville Belt Line at Abilene.

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